Being a servant to those that serve

At Centura Health I educate hundreds of hospital staff across 16 hospitals. I am credentialed in Willow Inpatient, Willow Ambulatory, Beacon, Beaker CP and HCLL. I actively work with end-users to ensure efficiency in the system, creating tip sheets, designing the curriculum and integrating my lessons into real-life scenarios.  I also pioneered the development and implementation of e-learns for hospital staff.

Saving lives, one resource at a time.

My experience in healthcare has taught me how vital it is that technology is not just learned; but adopted. At Conduent, formerlly known as The Breakaway Group, I helped more than 5,000 healthcare professionals adopt electronic health record systems and other technology applications. I worked directly with the leadership of EHR vendors, integrated delivery networks, and ambulatory care facilities to help their staffs adopt new technologies efficiently so that they can spend more time with their patients. 

Helping business leaders become online leaders 

As founder and online brand consultant of All By You, I help business leaders become online leaders.  I educate business leaders on how to leverage their online brand using instructor-led training and online simulations. In addition, I manage the online presence of business leaders, using a strategy that is proven to increase the platforms following by 20 percent within six months. Current clients include executives of MyRounding, SaferHealthcare, Rich Feller & Associates and  WBFF-Pro Carissa Johnson.

Transformed an 180-person newsroom

During my tenure at The Rocky Mountain Student Media Association I transformed the 180-person newsroom from a traditional newspaper outlet to an online news hub. As head of the digital media team, I was awarded a Collegiate Hearst and a Collegiate Columbia Gold Scholastic award. 



Increased revenue sales by three percent

The online newsletters that I created while Online Ad Production Coordinator at F + W Media, increased revenue by three percent. I was responsible for development and production of the newsletters and was the internal liaison between the ad traffic managers and the advertisers.

Launched a company's social media presence

At the Independence Institute, I launched the company's social media presence and increased its following by more than 200 percent in three months. I also was the associate producer of II's PBS broadcast show, Devil's Advocate.